We are not going to discover anything new about the importance of living room lighting. Thing which we will discuss and show can be achieved by placing the lights in the perfect place & with the right kind of light. Because bad lighting can destroy your great efforts, money, time which you have invested in decor of your living room. Similarly, good lighting enhances even the most basic result.

You can put light anywhere in house where it is required but in a proper way. That’s something to keep in mind when lighting anywhere in your house.

Lighting House

One should not lose sight of the function of each light, but given the decor and style of our home. It is important never to lose our identity. It is not advisable to go with the fashions.

Perhaps the greatest difficulty to illuminate this area of the house is that it has several functions. It is the site of the house where we gather with friends and family; but sometimes it can be a workplace and of course relaxing. Therefore, we should try that light which is right for each moment. You must create a comfortable environment with these two premises we can get down to work. The first thing we must be clear is the distribution of space, “taking into account the situation of the points of light and our needs”.

Once we know this, we can start from the dining room, where “not miss the hanging lamp, which is placed on the table. Depending on the size and shape of the table choose round, rectangular or oval extensible or fixed”. The possibilities are endless.

Floor lamp is must in living room. It gets an indirect light that we turn on when there is no natural light, to move around the room without tripping “. If you are the kind that regulates the intensity of the light frequently then it’s better to install a pendant or ceiling in the area of the sofas or on the coffee table. Yes, this has a secondary role in the scene, but must be sufficiently powerful to illuminate.

Normally beside the sofa or between two sofas is a table corner. There you can place a desk lamp. In case you have a corner sofa can choose a lamp with electrification roof, you do not need support on the ground or table and always good to accompany reading or any other activity that need a spotlight. One of the most practical solutions.

Do share with us, your experience of lightening up your living room.