One of the most important rooms in the house, especially in the food aspect is dining room. A good room, well designed and tuned, makes us feel comfortable, lunch and dinner in a good time to share our day with our family. If you think it’s time to change your room and looking for ideas on decorating small modern dining, do not miss my choice! Here are 21 photos that will leave you with your mouth open, would you take a look?

small loft room which has a tiny spaceIn this case, we are talking about a small loft room which has a tiny space, a folding table which is attached to the shelf, used to separate from rest of the room.

Modern small dining room decorated with simple and minimalist furnitureModern small dining room decorated with simple and minimalist furniture, but kept some similarities with classicism. In this case we have a dining room of beige and brown, which gives it a sophisticated and elegant touch.

A table and two chairsIf you do not really have much space for your room and you live alone or with friends, you can take a corner to put a table and two chairs, the result? Modern, small and handy, what more do you want?

breakfast bar or Kitchen IslandDo you have a house with an open kitchen and do not know how to create space for dining room? One of the most common options is to place just after the breakfast bar or Kitchen Island.



bank is attached to the wallIncreasingly common use of the dining banks because this way we optimize the maximum space. In this case, the bank is attached to the wall, which further takes advantage of the available space.


Nice chairs around a small round tableWhile decorating a small dining in modern way, the basic is that the design is accompanied by practicality. In this case, it has opted for nice chairs around a small round table. The color coral provides a cool and casual air to an environment of classical character.


elongated bar type kitchen tableA good way to have a room that does not take up any space, choosing an elongated bar type kitchen table, if you also have a custom-made that can be stored inside, the better chairs.


table with a fitting room chairsIt is not necessary to use much space for dining room, a corner of your living room may be appropriate to set the table with a fitting room chairs.


Modern designs are succeeding upholstered chairsModern designs are succeeding upholstered chairs, with a contemporary style that people like a lot.


White charis with wooden tableNordic is one of the modern decorative styles. Preference white and wood, Nordic style manages to convey a unique touch to our dining room.


integrated dining in the kitchenNow a day it is becoming more common to find integrated dining in the kitchen. If you live alone or only you are two, a small table in the kitchen is enough for lunch or dinner.


Modern small dining roomFind smart ways to save space is basic in the decoration of modern small dining rooms, for example, the round table has chairs that are saved following the same way.


Small dining room with barIf you have fewer family members then you need less space to eat. If you have bar you can also use it as dining table


small dining area with colorful chairs You can give a different touch to your modern and small dining area with colorful chairs such as photo, with this futuristic look it will appear to live in the future.


Unique designed wooden chairs In this case, unique designed wooden chairs are used that help to create a modern and different atmosphere to this room. Beautiful, practical and ideal for four people.


Glass tables Glass tables are very common in the modern small dining room, because glass speaks of transparency and modernity.


Small, modern and adorable dining roomSmall, modern and adorable dining room. A vintage background bench with two modern chairs around a round table.